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WWOOF Hungary 0045

Csolyospalos, Hungary

Join the life of a Swiss family (son 2 years old). Ouer place is located in south of hungary in a sandy area, ...


WWOOF Hungary 0137

Soltvadkert, Hungary

A small farm located in the Great Hungarian plains breeding deer, rearing pigs and sheep


WWOOF Hungary 0072

Csólyospálos, Hungary

You can see our 'Farm az Noah' as a green oasis in the Hungarian desert. Free and unforced, with a collection ...


WWOOF Hungary 0077

Kerekegyhaza, Hungary

farm with horses and agriculture - apricots and mulberries - looking for help


WWOOF Hungary 0098

Miháld, Hungary

Multi-purpose blissful community space, culture, dance, sports along with a healthy environment.


WWOOF Hungary 0075

Pécsely, Hungary

I produce mustards, chutneys, jams and vinegars mostly of my home- grown fruits and vegetables


WWOOF Hungary 0134

Bakonyszentivan, Hungary

We are a german couple (both 65) and retired. In April 2004 we bought our property and live here permanently ...


WWOOF Hungary 0087

Terény, Hungary

Csobánkapuszta. Reconnect with Mother Earth together with us


WWOOF Hungary 0020

Ohid, Hungary

We are a farm based In Hungary , The area is beautiful (hills, forests and 8 kms from the Balaton, biggest lak...


WWOOF Hungary 0145

Rábapatona, Hungary

Organic farmstay


WWOOF Hungary 0128

Kávás , Hungary

Zala megyében, Kávás külterületén élünk 4 gyermekünkkel és állatainkkal. Permakulturas kert, walipi...


WWOOF Hungary 0138

Makó, Hungary

A growing farm on the prairies of the Wild East.


WWOOF Hungary 0017

Pusztaszer, Hungary

Our farm is located in southern Hungary near to Pusztaszer in the midst of an acacia forest.


WWOOF Hungary 0117

Veresegyhaz, Hungary

Small organic garden located in Veresegyhaz, right next to Budapest.


WWOOF Hungary 0022

Budapest, Hungary

I welcome wwoofers to a villa built in Bauhaus style, near the center of Budapest yet in a quiet leafy suburb ...


WWOOF Hungary 0069

Csólyospálos, Hungary

Together with my wife and two kids I'm living in an small village nearby Szeged, Hungary. Here I have a tanya ...


WWOOF Hungary 0073

kaposhomok, Hungary

WE ARE - a small developing homestead in the rural province of Somogy in South of Hungary. Our mission is to...


WWOOF Hungary 0115

Csongrád, Hungary

Our family farm is located in Csongrás-Bokros, south-east Hungary. Our newly established orchard and farm is ...


WWOOF Hungary 0135

Nagymaros, Hungary

My farm is an ecological and permaculture farm in the heart of the scenic and beautiful Danube bend among hill...


WWOOF Hungary 0029

Németbánya, Hungary

Huszonéves korunk óta, 14 éve foglalkozunk önfenntartásra törekvő biogazdálkodással, a festői széps...


WWOOF Hungary 0096

Sénye, Hungary

We have a 28 000 m2 garden with trees, pool and tennis court. in west area of Hungary , near Balafon , Heviz a...


WWOOF Hungary 0081

Nagyszékely, Hungary

Permakultúrás erdőkert kezdemény


WWOOF Hungary 0101

Nagyszékely, Hungary

An Austrian man engaged in organic gardening, a Hungarian woman into arts, and two little girls, in a real vil...


WWOOF Hungary 0104

Maglod, Hungary

We are a Dutch/Hungarian couple living in a village nearby Budapest, in a smal familiehouse with a garden.Keep...


WWOOF Hungary 0031

Döröske, Hungary

The Julia farm is composed of two farmhouses and their gardens in a tiny village, Döröske. This calm and pea...


WWOOF Hungary 0086

Lovaszpatona, Hungary

We are a german couple, living since three years in a little village between Vienna and Budapest where we try ...


WWOOF Hungary 0102

Böhönye, Hungary

Our farm is set in the middle of a forest and we strive to be self-sustainable and make all dreams come true.


WWOOF Hungary 0146

Balatonendréd, Hungary

The lovely summer house and garden located 4 km south from Lake Balaton. Grows fruits, vegetables and herbs.


WWOOF Hungary 0123

8045, Hungary

Organic garden in a beautiful small village not far from two cities. Growing vegetables, herbs and fruits. Our...